The Ragamuffin

Have you ever had those days when you really start to question why Jesus would choose to do what He did for us? Although I tend to live a busy life and am around people frequently, in the rare quiet time that I do get to have, I find myself contemplating the truth of the Gospel. When I look at the cross, I think about the way that my view of Jesus has utterly and completely been warped over the years. To me, Christianity and Jesus were a set of rules that caused me to get caught up in a bunch of religion. Religion says that we do good things and make the honor roll in order to be loved by God because Jesus loves the boys and girls who do things well. On the other hand, we have the Gospel which says that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. This never realy hit me until this summer. God has completely revolutionized the way that I look at life. The truth is that I'm starting to see that I never really had much figured out to begin with. Far too often, I got stuck in this way of life that was so concerned with the things that I was doing and what I had going on that I lost sight of what it means to live a life worthy of the calling I've received. So in the midst of all of these contemplations and deep thoughts about religion versus the Gospel, God allowed my eyes to be opened to see the truth behind what each side holds to be important and which way leads to life. I'm starting to come to an understanding that I'm never going to have much figured out in life, but that's why Christ died for us while we were still sinners!

Welcome to the Life of Blogging!

So this is my first public blog in quite a while. I used to get really into this sort of thing but actually allowed myself to fall away from it. It's funny in life how we allow the busyness of life to get in the way of doing the things that we love. I hope and pray that for those people who start to read this blog that I'll provide a glimpse of the way that my heart is changing and breaking daily for the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm an ambassador and that's what I'm here for!